Gujral's landlord in Patna saddened over his death

Former RJD MLC Anwar Ahmed, the owner of the house at busy Sabzibagh here, told PTI today that he and his family members considered Gujral as their guardian.

Gujral lived in the house when he was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 1992. He later went on to assume the post of prime minister.

The former PM had converted a room in the house into his office and he used to meet locals and other visitors there. Gujral's name plate used to hang at the same address.

Ahmad, known in local political circle as 'Kabab mantri' as he used to provide delicious kabab to RJD chief Lalu Prasad when he was chief minister of Bihar, said whenever Gujral came to Patna he stayed at his house and his wife would cook for him.

"Gujral saheb was very punctual about the timing of breakfast and meals and was fond of mutton," he reminisced.

Gujral lived in the house when he contested the 1991 mid-term polls to the Lok Sabha from Patna on Janata Dal ticket on the request of Lalu Prasad. The poll, however, was countermanded due to reports of large-scale rigging. Prasad later sent him to Rajya Sabha in 1992 from Bihar.

Till the time Gujral was Rajya Sabha member his address was his home in Patna and letters used to come for him at the same address, he said.

Ahmad said his bond with Gujral continued later too and he had stayed at his (Gujral's) house in Delhi many times when he was the prime minister.