Kashmir hosts maiden cyber gaming event

Organised by Loud Beetle company, the two-day e-gaming event, called the 'Kashmir Cyber Games Championship 2013', was inaugurated by Talat Parvez, director, Tourism Kashmir, at the Sangarmal shopping centre here.

Around 300 participants - between the age group of six to 43 years - registered themselves for the championship.

"We wanted to involve the youth of Kashmir in new kinds of games and unleash their potential," Ahmer Khan, founder of the Loud Beetle, told PTI.

Khan, a 20-year-old journalism student, along with other friends including a class 12 girl, Madeeha Majid, who organised the competition, see a lot of potential for gaming in Kashmir.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm for gaming in Kashmir. The youth here are very talented in cyber games and this event will help them get proper exposure at national level," he said.

The enthusiasm, he added, can be gauged by the huge rush for registrations for the event, which led to the crashing of the company website.