Why you shouldn't wear pants to work!

Are you planning to wear pants to work today? Well you might want to think twice about that after reading this one.

According to NYC image consultant William Cane, women who wear pants to work are significantly less effective than their co-workers, who wear skirt suits, News.com.au reported.

Cane, the founder of 'Manhattan Makeovers', said that men from all backgrounds are less likely to listen to, or cooperate with, women in pants.

Cane also revealed that some women think of pants as a masculine garment and find it hard to believe that men are sexually aroused by women in pants that are not skin-tight.

Thin models wearing pants may not turn men on, but women with well-rounded feminine figures do, and most women understand this is dangerous, because if you turn a man on, you diminish your image as an expert or an authority figure, he said.

Cane, who has worked with a string of celebs, politicians and high-profile business people, asserted that if you must wear slacks, pairing them with a jacket will make the outfit more authoritative and less problematic.