NSEL Defaulters: Mohan India director owns 15% in mall company

MCA records show Jagmohan owns stake in Mangla Shree; Anil Mangla, wife own 33%

Contrary to the claims of Anil Mangla, the promoter of Mangla Shree properties, the firm is closely linked to Mohan India, a member of National Spot Exchange(NSEL). According to official filings, Delhi based Jagmohan owns 1.33 lakh shares in Mangla Shree Properties. Jagmohan is the director of Mohan India. Mangla, who had earlier claimed he or his firm did not have any transaction with Mohan India and that they have not even come across these names, was unavailable for comment. A person who identified himself as Mangla's driver said he was busy. A text message seeking comments did ...