Is Guar Gum's dream run nearing its end?

Exports in Apr-Jul 2013-14 drop by almost 55% in value compared to same period last year

Bhola Ram, a farmer from Bhandhu Khedi in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is in a sticky situation.    The 45-year-old farmer cultivates guar, a cash crop. Guar gum, which is used in shale gas exploration, is produced from guar seeds. Ram used to get good returns on his produce, as there was a huge demand from gum manufacturers.   But, what worries him now is, this year in 2013 demand for his priced crop has plummeted. When things were good from 2007-2012, Ram, who used to cultivate guar in two acres, scaled it up to about six acres. With few takers, he is sitting on ...