Worldfloat offers 100,000 free online movies

Worldfloat, India's home grown social networking site with 45 million users from 62 countries, has added a new feature for cinema buffs called "love movies" under which almost 100,000 films are available for free.

"Love movies is a unique feature where you can filter all the movies of the world by year and genre and language just like you search for information on just dial by filtering of categories," said Worldfloat founder Pushkar Mahatta.

The "love movies" button feature can be seen on the front page of Worldfloat website.

Mahatta said the new feature offer a unique and filtered search for any movie of the world.

Under the "love movies" button, the website allow search and filtration of movies in about 15 languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. It also allows movies to be searched by years.

"Currently our search feature allows filtered search for all movies in 15 languages from the year 2013 to 1970. You can also see the genre of movies in all languages and years like comedy, horror, action, family and drama," he said.

Mahatta claimed that Worldfloat is India's leading social networking site where user can watch movies, use a news search engine, video chat, look at Indian stock market predictions and see comedy videos and social network like Facebook at same time and on the same platform.

"In the next few months Worldfloat will be launching about 10 new digital products to increase online traffic and engagement for its social network," he said.

He said the future developments in the coming months will include analytical engines for the Indian stock markets using artificial intelligence machine.

"We will also be launching a full-fledged comedy laughter channel for the internet. That will include videos from the world's best comedians," Mahatta added.