Antigua names Indian entrepreneur Rajat Khare its brand ambassador

The twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean recently appointed Indian entrepreneur Rajat Khare as a brand ambassador to promote tourism, investment and homeland security solutions within the twin island state.

The Carbbean nation is looking to attract investors in its energy, real estate, hotels, offshore banking and gaming sectors.

Khare, one of new breed of Indians lending their expertise to a wide range of governments globally, is the promoter of ACSG, a homeland security firm helping governments secure their sensitive information and data. He is expected to recommend various security measures that the country ought to implement for homeland security.

The main areas of collaboration with government agencies include developing new technologies, cyber security, emergency preparedness and fire-fighting, as well as conducting joint research and development in homeland security technology.

Reacting to his appointment, Khare said: "Our partnership with government agencies, both at home and especially abroad, gives us an opportunity to show the growing influence of Indian firms in the IT and homeland security sectors."

"We understand how critical these areas are and our services are based on mutual trust and reliance," he added.