Dholera: Modi's pet project back on the fast track

Armed with green nod and fund infusion, Gujarat govt getting ready to issue tenders to build infrastructure at the mega investment region

So far, a signboard stating Dholera Special INVESTMENT Region Development Authority (DSIRDA)'s limit is all that adorns the wide wastelands of the region that spans 22 villages across two talukas in the Ahmedabad district (pic: Yasin D)

A casual visitor might miss the small sign along the highway pointing in the direction of Dholera. The vast area of wastelands, with tiny strips of private agricultural land and a cluster of mud houses with clay-tiled roofs, can make you believe it is another nondescript area in India’s hinterland. But appearance can be deceptive. Dholera, 110 km from Ahmedabad and comprising 22 villages in the flat alluvial wheat basket of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat, is earmarked to be a poster child for the new government’s development agenda. At 920 sq ...