Now have 'aquagasm' with new 'shower' sex toy

Now you make your mornings pleasurable with new shower sex toys, which would give an 'aquagasm' while you are taking bath.

The new device called Water Jet Rabbit Vibrator can be fitted to the shower head, and propels a stream of water straight to your sensitive spots, giving strong vibrations, the Daily Star reported.

The toy, which has been priced at 44.99 pounds, can also be used as a normal vibrator, and has become the best selling Christmas sex toys at Lovehoney, UK's popular online sex toy shop.

The survey by the store found that 93 percent of couples in Britain had had sex in the bath or shower, and reviewers said that the toy was a great way to get sexy in the shower, especially when one was "tingling all over."

A Lovehoney spokesman said that they had been awaiting an effective waterproof toy which was really effective in the shower, and this was it.