Are social experiments losing the plot?

Social experiments are trying to balance the act of gauging people's reaction to community incidents with garnering views on YouTube

The 'mugging' experiment by Gaurav Sharma and Prateek Verma

On a rainy July day last year, Surbhi Bhatia and her friend decided to take a pedestrian subway in New Delhi’s Connaught Place. To their horror, a young man, his face covered with a handkerchief, violently cornered another man, robbed him of his wallet and iPhone and ran away. A stupefied Bhatia called the police, who promptly responded and caught the “mugger”. The young man told the police and Bhatia that the “mugging” had only been a “social experiment” to prove that Delhiites would never step forward to help someone in trouble. Gaurav Sharma ...