Will Smith may return to music with Kanye West

Will Smith might be making a comeback to his music career after a 10-year-hiatus, as the actor has revealed that he recently attended some studio sessions with Kanye West.

The 'Focus' actor said that he has been in the studio with the 'Gold Digger' rapper many times where he had always pushed the actor for better, and with that advice he is on a trip to found his voice and bring out some amazing music, E! Online reported.

The 46-year-old actor added that there are things that he wanted to say but he wasn't getting them out poetically, and if possible them he would go for collaboration with the 37-year-old rapper.

Smith even mentioned in an interview previously that getting in front of microphone really excited him, and also his teased fans by rapping a bit at a recent promotion of her upcoming flick with Margot Robbie.