Kranti Saran: The shifty strategy

While you can't coerce anyone to recognise your legitimacy to speak out, nobody can deny you the self-recognition of your own legitimacy to speak

Kranti Saran

Why did you cry out for the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri but not for the murder of Kashmiri Pandits? Why did you protest the pogrom in Gujarat 2002 but not Delhi 1984? If you've found yourself either voicing these questions or answering them, you're missing the point. Here's why. Suppose your mother's incompetent surgeon botches her surgery, killing her. You're justifiably aggrieved and claim malpractice. While a surgeon would ordinarily contest a malpractice claim by focussing on who did what and when in the operation theatre (OT), this surgeon contests it on ...