Now, recycle cans, newspapers through Pom Pom!

Planning to throw away the left over cans from last night's party or sell old newspapers to the kabadiwala? Why not recycle them?

Pom Pom, a new recycling venture, will come to your doorstep and pick whatever can be easily recycled - and pay you a reasonable price. It is just a click and call away.

"All the plastic shopping bags, glass and plastic bottles that we just throw away are 100 percent recyclable. Yet this material is not recycled and ends up choking the ground and water . Not much efforts is made towards waste segregation and recycling. So, we thought of giving incentives to encourage people for recycling," said co-owner Deepak Sethi.

So how does PomPom work?

"After collecting the recyclables, the company adds further value by segregating these and supplies them to industries that recycle them to manufacture new products," explained co-owner Kishor Thakur.

For the moment, the venture is concentrating on recycling paper and its products, plastics, glass and metals as these can be easily converted into their original or modified products.

For instances, paper which can be recycled into paper; plastic into granules which can be used to manufacture different plastic products; glass can be recycled to make

glass bottles or any other form of glass product; metals can be melted and again used to make metal products.

Easy accessibility, use of electronic weighing scales to provide right value and quick payment are some advantages of PomPom that make it stand out from your neighbourhood kabadiwalas. And, to avoid confusion, the per kg price of all the recyclables is available on both the app and website.