Nayantara Sahgal, Nand Bhardwaj accept returned awards sent back by Akademi: HT

The Sahitya Akademi's president hopes that more writers and poets will take back their awards

Newsmaker: Nayantara Sahgal
Nayantara Sahgal

Noted writers Nayantara Sahgal and Nand Bhardwaj recently agreed to take back their Sahitya Akademi awards, the Hindustan Times reported Friday. According to the report, Sahgal, one of the first to join the ‘award waapsi’ campaign in protest against ‘growing intolerance’ in the country, took her award back after the Sahitya Akademi informed her that there is no provision to return the award. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Sahgal, who had sent back a cheque for Rs 1 lakh to the Akademi, said, “The Akademi wrote a letter to me saying it is against ...