Shekhar Gupta: Hindi, Hindu, Tribalistan

How the RSS's Hindu-isation gameplan in Arunachal draws upon Nehru's Hindi-isation policy for what was then NEFA

Shekhar Gupta

There is a Nehru-in-NEFA (later Arunachal) story I cannot confirm referring to any recorded history, but if you spend time in the Northeast, you’d hear it often enough from old-timers. In October 1952, Nehru visited Ziro, the heartland of the Apatani tribe, accompanied by young Indira. The Apatani chief greeted him and took a liking for Indira, and apparently told Nehru something like: you are the chief of your people and I am the chief of mine. Why don’t you give your daughter to me in marriage and I will give you so much in bride money. That offer included, it is said, some ...