Despite cough syrup ban, doctors echo granny, say hot water works just as well

Despite the ban on Corex and Phensedyl, experts say market won't crash because of hundreds of cough syrup brands

Pfizer stops production of Corex cough syrup

Most doctors seem to agree with grandma that you can live without cough syrups. Yet, the market currently has at least 2,000 brands of cough syrups, with almost every pharma company in India manufacturing it. Quick conclusion: Even if the government bans one or two cough syrups, the market is just too big to fail.   "Cough syrup is one of the easiest and most profitable things to manufacture. Even you can do it in a 10X20 room and some accessories," says a senior pharma company executive. "This is one of the reasons why it is impossible to know its exact market size as ...