WellthLink launches resource platform for wellness, alternative therapy treatments

Wellness practises like Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Regression Therapy, Reiki and Pranic healing are gaining popularity for the benefits they offer. Recent studies have also proven how adopting alternative therapy encourages faster healing, restores mobility and reduces pain.

WellthLink offers a search platform that promotes awareness on alternative and

wellness therapies while giving you direct and easy access to reliable and experienced therapists' at your desired geographical locations. Other added features include reading testimonials, informative healthcare features and seeking consultation services from the comfort of your home.

"The name WellthLink implies that "health is truly wealth" hence the name "Wellth". WellthLink offers an informative platform that promotes and makes people aware of the benefits of a healthier, holistic lifestyle with Alternative Therapies and Wellness treatments. It aims to bring together reliable and professional therapists who assist you with the right information along with relevant resources. There has been a lot of traction in our first few months itself, further reinforcing our belief that it is a genuine market need - both from a client and a practitioner's perspective," said Founder WellthLink, Rachit Saxena.

WellthLink's online platform aims to encourage you to understand the benefits of adopting alternative treatments over and in conjunction with conventional medicinal treatments, for a drug - free approach towards enhancing health, vitality and overall wellness.

The key component of being connected directly with experienced therapists is that while the therapist treats the symptoms, they also understand the underlying cause of contributing factors. This helps approach health issues with an optimal treatment method that heals you as a whole and not just one part of the body.

"For the past few months I had mood swings and always seemed to be anxious. I knew I needed help so I referred my issues to Pallavi Srivastava, an excellent therapist. Her sessions made me understand the hidden issues and I have benefitted immensely. I now lead a happier stress free life." - An Anxiety Client

For wellness practitioners it provides an easy way to showcase their expertise on an online platform. It gives them the benefit of online booking and payments, a readily visible profile page, a space to showcase their research work and digitize their "word of mouth" through a simple review system.

"We have been associated with WellthLink for over two months and are extremely satisfied with their commitment to offer reliable professional alternative therapies.

This one of a kind platform is creating awareness on Therapeutic Practitioners, Alternative Interventions along with career trainings. I love the fact that it shares reviews and offers to seek online advice while one enquires on specific therapeutic process and schedule appointments." - Blossom Furtado, Founder, Hypnotherapy School of India.