Talk show host 'David Letterman' interviews PM Narendra Modi

American talk show host David Letterman who is now helming a documentary series for the National Geographic on climate change and solar energy, has interviewed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an episode of a documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously".

This is the first time Prime Minister Modi gave an interview to someone who is known as the greatest TV Stars of All Time.

In the preview of the upcoming episode, Letterman says, "I am not nervous but very, very excited."

This is the third exclusive interview given by Prime Minister Modi to someone after assuming office.

Though the Indian Prime Minister has always appeared more charitable in his interviews to journalists, but this time he has just met a very different kind of interviewer-"David Letterman".

The excerpt of the video from the Letterman episode, which will air on October 30, gives us the gist and the behind the scenes of the interview.

Letterman is seen asking, "Is there a way that the three-hundred to four hundred million without electricity can go right to solar?"

Prime Minister Modi says, "If the world helps me with technology, helps me with resources I will be the very first person to switch over to clean energy completely."

Letterman's questions appear to have got a more direct response from Prime Minister Modi considering he has made India the spearhead of the International Solar Alliance.

Reports suggest that there will be seven more episodes of the TV series.

The second season of the show features guests including Ty Burrell, James Cameron, Don Cheadle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia Munn, Ian Somerhalder and Cecily Strong.

The episode hosted by Letterman has been named 'Into the Light' and will be aired on October 30.