Imphal celebrates Durga Puja

Imphal is celebrating the auspicious festival of Durga Puja with joy and exhilaration, with Vaishnavites thronging pandals across the city..

The Meitei tribe in Manipur are particular about adhering to their religion and culture. They celebrate various traditional festivals every year with enthusiasm and zeal.

Durga Puja, is observed with much fanfare for five days. The Hindu holy festival is mostly celebrated in the month of Ashwin. The festival commences on the Mahalaya, which falls on no-moon night.

The festival covers nine-day Navratri celebrations and ends on Dussehra, also known as Vijaydashami.

The last four days during the Navratri are when the Bengali community across the globe worship Goddess Durga, along with her four children.

Vijaydashami is the day after Navratri ends. Regarded as the triumph over evil, it is a festival that has a direct reference to the mythological text Ramayana.

This festival has become a reason of bonding for people from various religions and for a majority of people, it is time to bond with families and friends too.