Ex-RS MP Cyber Pathsala: A for ATM, B for BHIM, C for Cashless

A for ATM, B for BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money), C for cashless, D for Demonetisation is the new way alphabets have been associated to popular terms related to demonetisation in a new book "Cyber Pathsala" authored by former Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay.

The book by the ex-parliamentarian from Uttarakhand was launched today by Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar at the ongoing World Book Fair here.

Javadekar said alphabet 'C' has been generally associated with the word "Cow" but another word "Cashless" has now been added.

"As the demonetisation initiative was announced, Vijay got on to the job. We have known C for Cow in alphabetical books but now a word 'Cashless' has been added and this is how language develops," he said.

The book relates H to Honest Money and describes demonetisation decisiosn as "NDA government's initiative to get rid of dishonest money".

Contributions to the book have been made by internationally known cyber experts like Sameer Chandra, Virginia, US; Vidya MS, Bengaluru; Chinnu Senthil Kumar, Chennai; and Rajesh Kalra, Times of India, digital.

The book is is aimed at preparing kids for cyber security and grooming them for the cyber world.

At the book fair, Javadekar also launched former Odisha minister Prasanna Kumar Patasan's book "Reflections of The Supreme"

"The book fair is also a good idea which gives knowledge. We will promote it further and will see that more and more students visit the fair, besides forming readers clubs in their respective institutions.

"Audio books are another wonderful way of interactive storytelling," he said.