Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator helping young Indian entrepreneurs

After helping the first group of early-stage tech startups towards establishing successful businesses, technology giant Oracle is now mentoring another group under its Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program.

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator is a global initiative to develop an ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurial innovation.

In the second group, Ezedox, Farebond, initCodes, Trendlyne and Sonder Connect will be mentored under Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator.

"We have had the opportunity to nurture some great ideas from the first group of startup finalists. I am now looking forward to working with our new start-ups," said Sanket Atal, Group Vice President of Development in Oracle India, in a statement on Thursday.

The second group of finalists started operating from the accelerator centre on January 10.

Oracle launched its global startup accelerator initiative, called 'Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator' programme in April 2016 with an aim to help speed up a startup's development through a combination of technical and business mentoring.

Among the first group of startups, ExpertRec has developed a machine learning-based, plug and play search and recommendation solution for online marketplaces while NiYO Solutions focused on alternate payment mechanisms.

Ray IoT Solutions has developed a mobile-based sleep monitoring device to detect infant healthcare dysfunctions and Tydy provides a mobile first, automated employee on-boarding platform.

Another startup Vear provides a device-agnostic, augmented and virtual reality platform for content distribution and marketing.

"One of the key focus areas for Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator is to support and provide women entrepreneurs the relevant resources for them to grow their businesses. Our collaboration with Sonder Connect is one of the many steps in this direction as we support the start-up ecosystem," Atal said.