Chennai oil spill: Tiny microbes to play the rescue act

They eat away the oil and sludge, leaving the soil completely oil-free and harmless

Tamil Nadu, oil spill
Members of the Pollution Response Team removing black oil washed ashore as a thick oily tide from the sea lapped at the coast, a day after an oil tanker and an LPG tanker collided near Kamarajar Port in Ennore in Chennai. (Photo: PTI)

It is tiny single-celled microbes that are on the rescue act on the oil spill that happened near Chennai that has raised environmental threats.   According to the ministry of petroleum and natural gas, it has directed the research and development (R&D) department of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) to take action in the containment of the oil spill that occurred near Ennore Port at Chennai. The R&D Centre has already deployed a non-hazardous bio-remediation process named "Oilivorous-STM" which was developed by the Centre to deal with such onshore oil spills. ...