WikiLeaks claims CIA can use your Samsung smart TV to spy on you

WikiLeaks claims the CIA and UK Intelligence officials turned TV microphones into listening devices


WikiLeaks claims Samsung smart TVs are among the CIA's weapons for surveillance.

WikiLeaks claims the CIA worked with UK Intelligence officials to turn microphones in TVs into listening devices.

Samsung smart TVs have microphones so viewers can make voice commands, such as requests for movie recommendations.

The commands typically aren't transmitted outside the home unless users activate the feature. If the TV is off, there's no listening being done.

But WikiLeaks claims that documents it obtained show that through a program called Weeping Angel, the target TV appears to be off when it is actually on and listening.

WikiLeaks says the audio goes to a covert CIA server rather than a party authorised by Samsung. In such cases, audio isn't limited to TV commands but could include everyday conversations.