Shawn Mendes can always depend on John Mayer

Singer Shawn Mendes says John Mayer is his go-to person whenever he needs help.

The 18-year-old musician says Mayer has helped him navigate the world of fame, reported People magazine.

The two became friends after they performed in Toronto together this April.

"As a person I really relate to him and I think he's awesome. He's a dude I can call -- for him to be like, 'Hey man, how's life? You're gonna be fine.' And my anxiety levels down to a one instead of a 55. That's something that's really nice," Mendes says.

"It's cool to be able to see someone like him be so creatively inspired after so many albums and after so much touring. It gets me so excited to know that I can always be this pumped up -- and you only get better, because Mayer has only got better.