IIT students launch Young Innovators prog for school students

Students from IIT Kharagpur are organizing a pan India competition on technology ideation for young innovators from schools.

The Young Innovators' Programme (YIP) is a platform to foster young minds belonging to the 8th to the 10th classes with scientific quest and inspire them to ideate new solutions of technological challenges currently faced in the world.

The competition will be covering key area such as energy, agriculture and food sciences, environment, hardware modelling, product designing and BioTech, an IIT-KGP spokesperson said.

The competition has three rounds.

While proposals from about 250 teams comprising 600 students from across India were considered for evaluation, 60 teams were shortlisted for the second round based on the concept note of the project prepared by the students.

In the second round, the students will be presenting detailed project synopsis based on which selection for the final round will be made.

"We are amazed to see how students have used their scientific knowledge to apply these for real-life problems and come up with technological propositions such as automatic writing pen, device for persons with disabilities, agricultural drone, horticultural treatment of sewage, drying-agent cooler for CFC emission," Debanjan Nayak, a 4th year student from the Branding and Relations Cell, a student group conducting this competition, said.

The final round is scheduled to be held on October 4 this year at the IIT Kharagpur campus.

The finalists will get the opportunity to present their projects in front of distinguished researchers from among the faculty and alumni of the institute.

The finalists would be required to prepare a model to demonstrate their ideas and proposed solutions to the taken up problem.

"The teams capable of presenting a lucid and achievable demonstration of their ideas would take away the prizes," another IIT-KGP student from the organising team Souvik Bhowmik said.

Professor Baidurya Bhattacharya, Associate Dean at IIT-KGP said, "IIT Kharagpur's main aim is to develop every student's interest towards research, right from young age. Hence, we are conducting this Young Innovators' Programme, promoting the enthusiasm for research in the country.