India-US ties: Govt eyes $8-bn defence deal for 100 Avenger Predator drones

High-speed Avenger can perform wide-area surveillance, time-sensitive strike missions over land and sea

avenger, drone, jet
Predator C Avenger Drone. Photo courtesy: General Atomics

Setting the stage for high-value defence purchases, India is reportedly buying 100 jet-propelled Avenger predator drones from the United States (US) costing an estimated $8 billion for the Indian Air Force (IAF). The high-speed Avenger is a long-endurance, medium-to-high-altitude Remotely Piloted Aircraft system that can perform wide-area surveillance and time-sensitive strike missions over both land and sea. Compared with the current Predator-series aircraft, the aircraft has a much higher operational and transit speeds, resulting in rapid repositioning for ...