Protective wall built around Chola era lighthouse in

As part of efforts to preserve heritage, the district administration has constructed a protective wall around the remains of a Chola-era lighthouse at Kodiakarai near here.

Following a recent visit to the over 1000-year-old brick and mortar lighthouse, District Collector C Sureshkumar had ordered construction of the wall around the structure to safeguard it from tidal attack.

"The construction works are nearing completion and a signboard has been erected depicting the history of the lighthouse," an government official said.

Nagapattinam was the chief trading port during the Chola era and several lighthouses were built by Chola kings along the coast to guide ships to ports.

Paranthaka Chola, who ruled the Chola kingdom between 907 and 955 A.D constructed the brick and mortar lighthouse at Kodiakarai.

In course of time, the lighthouse lost it sheen and fell in ruin.

The lighthouse finds mention in historic novels and a large number of tourists visit Kodiakarai to see the remains of the Chola lighthouse.