India's FinTech adoption rate exceeds global averages: Report

The level of financial technology (FinTech) adoption among digitally active Indian consumers has surged over the past two years and exceeded the global average, says a report.

According to EY FinTech Adoption Index, India has the second highest FinTech adoption rate among digitally active consumers at 52 per cent, only second to China at 69 per cent.

Usage is significantly high in large cities with a 66 per cent adoption rate followed by 51 per cent usage and adoption in small and medium cities.

"Rural India lags at 33 per cent which is expected to change over the next few years on account of several digital initiatives undertaken by the Government to drive financial inclusion and direct delivery of benefits," the report said.

Money transfers and payments services leading the charge in India with adoption standing at 72 per cent in 2017. Insurance is the next popular category with an adoption rate of 47 per cent, much higher than the global average of 24 per cent.

"The EY FinTech Adoption Index finds, more than half of the sampled Indian consumers claim to have used over two FinTech products in the last six months," said Mahesh Makhija, Partner, Financial Services Advisory Services, EY India.

The demographic most likely to use FinTech are millennials 25 to 34 years old, followed by the 35 to 44 year old.

There is, however, also growing adoption among the older generations: 56 per cent of respondents between 55 to 64 years old and 27 per cent of those between 65-74 years said they regularly use FinTech services.

The key reasons for increased adoption have been the ease of setting up accounts (31 per cent) when compared with the traditional financial services, access to a wide range of offerings (19 per cent) with quality service (13 per cent), the report added.