Vladimir Putin jilted as Donald Trump says no to formal meeting at APEC

Trump spent unscheduled time with Putin at a dinner hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a glass of champagne during a ceremony to receive credentials from foreign ambassadors at the Kremlin in Moscow.(Photo: Reuters)
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: Reuters)

Vladimir Putin is feeling jilted. The last time he and US President Donald Trump met, in July at the G-20 summit, Trump couldn’t seem to get enough of the Russian president. They met behind closed doors for more than two hours, without an official note-taker. It yielded a limited Syrian cease-fire.  Trump also spent unscheduled time with him at a dinner hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. There was also another brief meeting. Fast-forward four months, through a series of new diplomatic, political and foreign policy tensions, and Trump is acting more stand-offish. ...