Meet the youth who wants to bring rap to Kashmir

Muhammad Yawar Bhat, a budding Kashmiri rapper, is all about bringing rap and local music together in a playful way.

According to him, the Valley needs awareness about the rap music that incorporates rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular.

Yawar said that he wants to bring Kashmiri songs in rap music "so that people here get motivated to start listening to this modern music".

Yawar, who is currently pursuing his Engineering Degree from Srinagar's SSM College of Engineering, has been fond of the genre since childhood and grew up watching rap music on YouTube and TV music channels.

"I was a small kid when I used to sing on different songs and that made me aware of this genre. Professionally, I started taking part in rap music shows, when I was studying in class 7", he said.

"Initially, my family did not support me as people in the Valley are not fully aware of this modern music concept. But, as I started performing at various levels, my parents also started supporting me", he added.

Yawar has also performed in a live show in Mumbai in the year 2014.