Happy birthday, Steve Jobs: Imagining innovator's ideal digital workplace

Jobs was a visionary, his vision was for technology and devices to act as enablers. In his world, technology and devices had to serve the user, and not the other way around

'Better to be a pirate than join the navy,' Apple founder Steve Jobs had said. But times have changed	photo: REUTERS
Photo: Reuters

Today, we celebrate the 63rd birthday of Steve Jobs, one of the greatest innovators of our times. To think of Jobs without thinking of the iPhone is impossible. With the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, he changed a lot in the technology space. The entire communication landscape was completely redefined. The way people communicated and collaborated changed first with cameras, touch keyboard and then with the advent of apps store. And, while over the decade, the iPhones have become more equipped and powerful devices, these devices still stand for transforming communication and ...