Flipkart deal wrapped, Walmart now eyeing deals in Brazil and Japan

The wheeling and dealing show how McMillon is focusing on high-potential markets like China and India, finding partners to help it battle online and cutting loose middling businesses.

Wal-Mart sales grow for 12th straight quarter but margins dip on price cuts
A general view shows a Wal-Mart store in Monterrey, Mexico, August 10, 2016. File Photo: Reuters

The sun never sets on Walmart Inc.’s empire, thanks to its network of stores across five continents. But in the span of 10 days, chief executive Doug McMillon has begun dramatically redrawing the retailer’s map, and there’s likely more to come as it places bets to remain on top. “All of a sudden, everything is in play,” said Dave Marcotte, an analyst at Kantar Retail. In less than two weeks, Walmart has agreed to cede control of its British business to a competitor and spend $16 billion to acquire India’s e-commerce leader in its ...