2 million people in 3 states denied ration due to Aadhaar issues: Report

The independent 'State of Aadhaar 2017-18' report, which UIDAI has cited to reassert the popularity of the unique identity project among people, also shows four other worrisome facts. Details here

Aadhaar debate: Right to privacy not absolute, says Supreme Court
A villager goes through the process of eye scanning for Unique Identification (UID) database system at an enrolment centre at Merta district in Rajasthan. Photo: Reuters

Recently, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) cited the ‘State of Aadhaar 2017-18’ report to reassert the widespread use of and support for Aadhaar. The study was carried out by Idinsight for Omidyar Network, a multinational research organisation.  UIDAI issued a statement on May 16 in response to the report commending the Aadhaar project for its efficiency in the public distribution system (PDS), as well as the acceptance of Aadhaar as the “foundational” identity proof for India’s 1.21 billion citizens. UIDAI CEO Ajay ...