Strike against Bursar HEP called off by Marwah residents in JK

Residents of Marwah-Warwan in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir today called off their over one-and-a-half month strike against the construction of Bursar Hydroelectric power (HEP) project on the assurance of the government, an official spokesman said.

The 800 MW Bursar Hydroelectric Project is planned to be constructed on Marusudar, a tributary of river Chenab, but the residents have been demanding its cancellation raising concerns about the submerging of villages due to accumulation of water to generate hydro-electricity.

Minister for Power Development Sunil Kumar Sharma reached out to the agitating residents and assured that the government was willing to listen to their concerns and would come out with a solution taking into account the development of the area as a whole, the spokesman said.

The minister assured that a delegation from Marwah-Warwan region will accompany him to New Delhi and raise their issues before the concerned committee since the project was governed by the Union Ministry and executed by NHPC, he spokesman added.

Urging local populace to act wisely and pave way for development of the district, the minister said people need not panic and fall prey to anti-developmental activities.

According to officials, seven villages with 18 hamlets consisting of 1,052 families are likely to be affected due to this project. Of these 1052 families, 336 would get affected fully and 716 partially and a provision of Rs 211 crore has been earmarked for Relief and Rehabilitation (R&R) and Local Area Development.