GST impact: Implementation blues take a toll on Tirupur businesses

Refund delays, withdrawal of incentive schemes make Made-in-Tirupur products costlier by 10-15 per cent, say entrepreneurs

GST impact: It is no longer raining greenbacks in 'Dollar Town' Tirupur

Eighteen months ago, the narrow roads of Khaderpettai market at ‘Dollar Town’ Tirupur in Tamil Nadu was vibrant. This is a stark contrast to what it is today.  Then, mini trucks and vehicles carrying garments shuttled between export units and shops here. Customers, mainly road side-vendors and small retailers, used to sit inside these shops negotiating with the owners for bulk orders.  Now, the roads are empty and the shops deserted. A few of the shop owners have decided to close shop or foray into other businesses. The story is similar on the other ...