Rise in ganja smuggling cases in Goa

Law enforcement agencies in Goa have come across a new trend wherein "weed" or ganja grown in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Odisha is being smuggled into the coastal state by peddlers, according to a police officer.

Goa Police's Anti-Narcotic Cell (ANC) has recorded a three-fold rise in such cases so far this year compared to 2017.

"The new trend is to smuggle locally grown weed or ganja from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Odisha in Goa and to use it in parties," Inspector General of Police Jaspal Singh told PTI today.

Goa is known for parties that are arranged in large numbers, especially during the tourist season.

Singh said due to increased surveillance by police, more such cases are getting detected.

"Recently, we caught a man with two-and-a-half kgs of weed from Odisha at the city bus stand in Panaji," Singh said.

The IGP said the "wild grass", "weed" or "ganja" can be grown easily in some parts of the country.

"It is illegal but freely grown in those parts. It is difficult to check smuggling (of these substances) even though random checks are conducted at the railway station and bus stands. Mostly, the raids are conducted based on the information provided by the subjects of the crime," the senior officer said.

Singh said police have registered 103 cases between January to June 18 this year compared to 37 cases registered during the corresponding period last year.