Shivinder vs Malvinder: Who will benefit from the battle between brothers?

Taking his brother to court on allegations of mismanagement does not absolve Shivinder from the legal liabilities in existing cases

Shivinder Singh and Malvinder Singh
Shivinder Singh (left) with Malvinder Singh (right)

What is the dispute all about? Till the last week of August, Singh brothers Malvinder and Shivinder, former promoters of Fortis Healthcare, were seen as “inseparable”. Even in his public letter announcing severance of ties with his brother Malvinder, Shivinder conceded, “For two decades now, Malvinder and I, Shivinder Mohan Singh, have been synonymous with one another.” It is difficult to pinpoint what triggered a sudden change of heart for Shivinder to take a stand against his elder brother and drag him to court. According to Shivinder, he decided to break ...