Relevance of Kartar Singh Sarabha, a revolutionary of the Ghadar movement

The attack on Umar Khalid in Delhi put a martyr's village in Punjab on guard

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Portraits of Bhagat Singh and his idol adorn a living room at Kartar Singh Sarabha’s home.

Varinder Pal Singh shuffles across the rooms of the most famous address at Sarabha village in Ludhiana, Punjab. The sprightly elder in a kurta-pyjama is showing me around the quaint brick house of local hero Kartar Singh Sarabha. When I ask him about the hefty square block of stone placed in the house, he raises his hands to swing an imaginary heavy object over his head, hinting at the physical prowess of the martyr. Two other curious visitors grip the iron bar that is fixed to the stone, but they puff and pant and soon give up. Strangely, I am not inclined to dismiss the old ...