Letter to BS: Public doesn't admire bandh initiatives by political parties

Apart from destruction of public property, the inconvenience and hardships bandhs cause add to the disgust of the common man

bharat bandh
Members of Kshatriya Vikas Samith burn a tyre on a road during Bihar Bandh called over Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes reservation issue, in Patna on Tuesday. Photo: PTI

The editorial “Closed chapter” (September 11) reflects the views of those of us who are fed up with the games politicians play with the public by employing overused tools like bandhs. Political parties are wrong in believing that the public admires their bandh initiatives in matters like increase in fuel prices or privatisation of public sector undertakings. In fact, people are disgusted — they know that the Opposition parties will protest the same decisions of the ruling party that they themselves took when they were in power. They also know that such bandhs are more ...