At a 10-month low of 3.69% in Aug, retail inflation below RBI target

Fuel and light inflation rose to 8.47% in August from 7.96% in the previous month

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The base-effect led to a fall in housing inflation to a nine-month low of 7.59% in August

The consumer price index (CPI) inflation rate fell to a 10-month low of 3.69 per cent in August as food prices declined at a steeper rate in urban areas compared to July and remained almost flat in rural areas.  However, fuel inflation rose in August due to higher international crude prices.  Food items play a key role in the CPI inflation as these have over 45 per cent weight in the index. The cut in the rates of the goods and services tax (GST) on over 100 items from July 27 also pulled down the inflation.  The core inflation exhibited across the board ...