Why it took Sigdar almost five years to make 'Gaon'

Filmmaking is full of challenges, says filmmaker Gautam Singh Sigdar, who took almost five years to make his film "Gaon".

The film is a story about a village called Bharatgaon and how it transforms, thanks to the changes around it. From finding the right village to setting up there and finally shooting, it has been a huge struggle.

"Filmmaking is full of challenges. The biggest challenge is not to compromise on storyline. Travelling back and forth from Doha was not an easy ride. For the last three years, I have been travelling to India almost every Friday-Saturday (weekends for me in Doha).

"I had got a team from several places in India working for 'Gaon'. Our music director is from Bengaluru, our audio studio was in Chennai, all our major cast and crew are from Mumbai and Kolkata and our location was in Jharkhand and Mumbai. Therefore, I needed to travel quite frequently to meet and work with these teams located at different places," Sigdar said in a statement.

Although it was tough, he said he had no other option.

"I did all this along with having a full-time job. It was a mad thing to do but I had no choice. However, I wouldn't recommend anyone to do the same," he said.

"In all, 'Gaon' took almost five years to make. The first two years went into writing the script and finding the right locations and actors. The remaining three years were for pre-production, production and the post."

"Gaon: The village no more", directed by Sigdar, stars Shadab Kamal, Neha Mahajan, Shishir Sharma and Omkar Das Manikpuri.

The film is slated to release on October 26.