Long night of LiteratureS 2018

Celebrating the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, 10 authors from different European countries travelled to India for an extraordinary night of literary encounters, 'Long Night of LiteratureS 2018'.

On the evening of September 28, Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi, welcomed 150 guests to listen to the multilingual authors' sessions. Each author hosted short readings in a classroom with the audience moving from room to room. The sessions were followed by audience questions and conversations where the authors and audience discussed how literature can connect people across countries, languages and cultures.

The Long Night of LiteratureS brought authors from different parts of Europe together to present an enthralling experience to the Indian audience. The authors participating in the event were Clemens Berger (Austria), Veronika Resslova (Czech Republic), Henriette Rostrup (Denmark), Jean-Claude-Perrier (France), Istvan Voros (Hungary), Suneeta Peres da Costa (Portugal), Claudiu M. Florian (Romania), Gabriela Babnik (Slovenia), Ariane von Graffenried (Switzerland) and Jesús Carrasco (Spain).

Also present this year was Georgia, celebrating 100 years of the first Georgian republic and presenting to India its unique and ancient alphabet, thus showcasing its deep European roots. Today, Georgia becomes more and more close to the European Family. In 2014, the Association Agreement was signed between EU and Georgia, which came into force in 2016.

In March 2017, EU opened door for visa-free travel from Georgia. EU and Georgia continue working together towards a further deepening of Georgia's political association and economic integration with the European Union.

Prior to the grand event, the authors visited Delhi University on September 26 to take part in a panel discussion with 150 students with the topic "Writing across Cultures/Writing across Boundaries". Afterwards, the authors had divided interactive sessions.

On September 27, European Union Delegation along with Chitra & Dhairya Foundation (CD Foundation), organised a Media and Press Day for Long Night of LiteratureS. The day opened with a talk hosted by Shri Amarendra Khatua, a poet and a diplomat, former Director General of Indian Council of Cultural Relations. Tomasz Kozlowski, Ambassador of the European Union to India, inaugurated the event.