Sundram Fasteners bags Deming Prize, MD first woman entrepreneur to win it

The company is a part of TVS Group

sundram fastner
Photo caption: Ms Arathi Krishna, Managing Director, Sundram Fasteners, along with her core team in Japan received the coveted Deming Prize. Ms. Krishna is the first ever woman to receive this prize

Sundram Fasteners Ltd, a part of TVS Group, has won the Deming Prize. Arathi Krishna is the first Indian woman entrepreneur to receive the prize.  Arathi Krishna managing director, Sundram Fasteners said that the journey of TQM has been transformative for Sundram Fasteners.   "Although we have been fortunate to win many quality awards, TQM has been the one award which has united the whole company, provided us with a singular focus of the customer and raised our capabilities all at once.  I regard it as our winning strategy for our future and we ...