The man behind a 100 brands: Recalling Alyque Padamsee's advertising genius

Ad-man, theatre personality, delightful raconteur - Alyque donned many hats during his lifetime, writes Sandeep Goyal

Alyque Padamsee
Alyque Padamsee. Photo source: Facebook

Some years ago when the Advertising Club of Mumbai conferred the ‘Advertising Man of the Century’ award on Alyque Padamsee, there was not even a murmur of dissent. In fact, there was overwhelming unanimity on his choice for the honour. I was there at the awards function. Padamsee was praised, loved, hugged, kissed, venerated and deified, much like I had never seen done before to anyone in Indian advertising. It was not just touching, it was overwhelming. Alyque, was, and will always remain, the tallest man in Indian advertising. Padmashri Alyque Padamsee, RIP. Ad-man, ...