Why former journalist, author Mark Tully will always be a 'Janata' man

Tully says he now wants to be free of the trappings of city life and all the fake news episodes have perhaps strengthened his resolve to 'spend more time in the countryside'

Mark Tully
Illustration by Binay Sinha

Gillian Wright, translator-writer and partner of Mark Tully, gently leads us to the spot that would be the most comfortable for Sir Mark. At 83, he is not as brisk as he used to be, but his is still a pace that many half his age would struggle with. In Mumbai to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award being conferred upon him at the recently concluded literary festival, the Tata Lit Live, he is running to a packed schedule.   As we settle down, catch our breath and the eye of the server to ask for three cups of filter coffee, strong with milk on the side, Tully leans forward to answer ...