How Jharkhand govt broke law by taking fertile land from farmers for Adani

'We begged Adani's people to stop,' said Santali farmer Anil Hembrom. 'But they said our land was theirs now, that the government had given it to them'

Farmers protest
Farmers protest. Photo: PTI

Soon after police personnel drove up in a convoy of vehicles that Friday, August 31, 2018, “Adani ke log (Adani’s people)” arrived with earthmoving equipment, recounted Adivasi (tribal) and Dalit villagers in Mali, in this lush eastern corner of Jharkhand. “There were eight to 10 police for each of us villagers,” said Sita Murmu, a wiry farmer in her 40s from the Santal community, one of India’s largest indigenous tribes, describing the attempt that followed to take over the villagers’ farmlands, abutting a clutch of mud and brick ...