Rajasthan: Cong and BJP are ignoring nomads who form 8% of the population

The government has never published a report that lists the total number of nomadic people (belonging to 32 tribes) living in the state

Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018
Manavendra Singh (Left) and Colonel Sonaram Choudhary. File photo

Chawli Devi, 45, takes out four clips from a steel tiffin. Tied to the clips are the umbilical cords of the children in the family who were born recently. She also opens a small silver box and takes out jaduli (children’s hair offered to the family goddess). After this, she arranges passport pictures of every member of the family on a charpoy. The umbilical cords and the jaduli are the only identification “documents” that Chawli Devi possesses. She used to also have her husband’s hair and the hair and umbilical cords of her children, but they are now lost. ...