Making buildings smarter through IoT platform

Zoho veteran Prabhu Ramachandran and friends have built an 'Alexa' for buildings which offers real-time facilities management to commercial real estate owners

Prabhu Ramachandran

When the software boom started in India in the 1990s, the small village of Siruseri near Chennai was chosen to be the first IT hub in Tamil Nadu. It's in the same village that the son of a farmer, Prabhu Ramachandran, dreamt of becoming an IT professional. After completing his engineering from a government college in Chennai, Ramachandran joined Zoho, one of India's first bootstrapped Unicorns, in 2000. Here, he headed the webNMS team in 2004, the original product of the company which triggered its growth story. In 2010, he spearheaded the IoT product line for Zoho where ...