May's handling of Brexit is a case of bad leadership and a failure to adapt

When asked what Brexit would mean in practice for everyone, she said, simply, that 'Brexit means Brexit'; May established hard, irrational and impractical red lines

Theresa May
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May | Photo: Reuters

The gauntlet, in the form of 48 letters, was thrown down, and a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party took place. The prime minister fought and won. And yet even in that moment of seeming defiance, some of the flaws in her character and her approach to leadership were on display. It is worth taking a moment to reflect on how Britain got here. Breakfast in The Hague, lunch in Berlin, afternoon tea in Brussels: May’s Tuesday may have sounded like a rushed luxury European tour. But it was a last-minute dash to try and salvage her Brexit ...