Huawei sees red over FTA disadvantage, says Samsung getting undue benefits

Huawei, which controls about 30% of the 4G telecom equipment market in India in terms of value, alleges it faces non-level playing field

India and South Korea have a free trade agreement under which there is no import duty on telecom equipment; Huawei, on the other hand, has to pay hefty duties

A non-level playing field is placing Chinese telecom gear manufacturer Huawei India at a competitive disadvantage vis-a-vis its new global rival Samsung — that’s the charge being made by Huawei India’s CEO Jay Chen.  In competing over the sale of telecom equipment in India against the South Korean major, Chen said that Huawei India had to deal with the fact that South Korea and India have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) under which Samsung does not have to pay any customs duties on its equipment.   “Because of the FTA which India has with ...